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Eye care

“Most of us who have healthy eyesight are extremely attached to our vision, often without being conscious that we are. We depend heavily on our eyes, and yet we rarely give them a second thought.
Healthy eyes are one of the greatest gifts of God to us. Eyes are at work to show us this hyper vivid world from the moment we wake up to the moment we close them to go to sleep. As beautiful as they are, these organs are prone to disorders.
The most common disorders arise due to lack of vitamins and essential nutrients in the diet. In addition to poor vision, it can lead to night blindness. People already suffering from poor eye sight are at a greater risk. And those using contact lenses are exposed to various infections like Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid), Conjunctivitis, inflammation of various parts of the eye etc.
One of the most basic eye care tip is to wash your eyes with cold running water often. Aster Pharmacy also carries Pharma systems eye lens cleaner to help you wash the eyes . The easiest way to ward off the risk of all these infections is to maintain basic hygiene. Lint, dust, an eyelash, or other foreign matter can lodge itself in the eye causing discomfort, especially to those of us using contact lenses. Hence, contact lenses must be thoroughly cleaned with appropriate solutions such as Saline solutions, Daily cleaners, Hydrogen peroxide solution, and enzymatic cleaners.
Some products must only be used with certain types of contact lenses: it is important to check the product label to make sure that it can be used for a given type of lens. Water alone should never be used to clean the contact lens as it will not adequately disinfect the lens.
As a part of preventive measures, like we guard our skin from the sun, the eyes need sunglasses to block the sun’s glare too. Additionally, you should consider a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins. Vitamin rich foods include: green leafy vegetables, eggs, fruits, fish, dairy products, etc. Oral vitamin supplements can also make up for a vitamin deficient diet. Aster Pharmacy carries a variety of essential nutrients for your eyes, namely Visionace, Preservision capsules, I caps and Optivision to name few.”