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Our pharmacy covers a myriad of products. Our product range is carefully chosen and designed to meet the requirements of all age groups. It is competitively priced and very high standards of storage are maintained.

Mother care

Youth fades; love drops; the leaves of friendship fall; but a mother’s love outlives them all. Motherhood is a rebirth for you, at Aster Pharmacy we value it as much as you do…!!
“Motherhood ushers in unmatched joy, along with exhaustion. Nothing else ever will make you as happy and tired both at the same time. But are you overlooking your own health while being a mother?
Side effects of pregnancy
For expecting mothers, backache is a very common complaint along with rib pain, aggravated by standing for a long time, lifting heavy objects or sleeping awkwardly. Tingling sensation or dryness of nipples is also common. Tenderness of the breasts is often continual throughout the pregnancy and generally increases towards birth. Similarly, stretch marks affect 50-90% of pregnant women generally appearing on the buttocks, thighs, hips, upper arms, lower back or breasts. If left untreated, they become permanent.
But we believe women do not have to sacrifice personhood if they are mothers. They do not have to sacrifice motherhood in order to be persons. – Elaine Heffner
At Aster Pharmacy we have a number of solutions to take care of your worries. The Pregnancy Belt (also known as a Trochanteric Belt or Pelvic Belt) comprises of a stretch back support with a double fabric back panel and Velcro fastening, designed to provide support for the Sacro-Iliac joint in all stages of pregnancy. Nipple Shields (plastic shells with holes worn over nipples) can be used for flat and inverted nipples. Breast pumps can also be used by women with a low milk supply to stimulate lactation. It can also be used to relieve breast engorgement or to express, which is stored and fed to the child. A Good breast support with deep band beneath the cups and Wide shoulder straps with adjustable closure can help ease breast discomfort.
Likewise, keeping skin thoroughly moisturized during pregnancy and through your recovery to the pre-pregnancy weight, with suitable oils or creams marketed especially for stretch mark prevention will help keep your skin supple and elastic. The various vitamins and oils used to create these formulas are designed to help enhance collagen production and support the dermis, to keep skin intact despite the rigorous stretching. During pregnancy you should also take folic acid supplements as this reduces the incidence of birth abnormalities in the child. The most crucial time for taking folic acid is before conception and the first 3 months of pregnancy.