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Weight Management

Body weight is determined by the amount of energy that is taken in as food and the amount of energy consumed in performing any activities. Energy is measured in calories. If body weight remains constant, probably the calorie intake is same as the calorie consumption each day. If a person is gaining weight over time, it is likely that the caloric intake is greater than the number of calories burnt through his or her daily activities.

The number of calories a body burns each day is dependent upon the basal metabolic rate (BMR, the number of calories burnt per hour simply by being alive and maintaining body functions and basic physical activity). For some people, due to genetic (inherited) factors or other conditions, the resting metabolic rate (BMR) can be slightly higher or lower than average.

Maintenance of a healthy body weight is important for maintaining both physical and emotional well-being and preventing disease. Excess weight and obesity (excess deposition of body fat) have been associated with an increased risk for numerous medical conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis, some types of cancers, sleep apnea, and elevated blood cholesterol levels whereas low body weight can cause fatigue, depression, weakness, muscle pain, acidosis, seizures, etc.

Aster Pharmacy can greatly support you in your weight management plan. There are various ways of weight management like diet supplements which help in building body mass or special dietary supplements that can help you get rid of that extra mass.