#BackToSchool – 5 Tips for a Healthy Start


The summer break is almost over and schools all over the UAE are getting ready to open their doors to young minds once again. This time of the year is full of excitement for both parents and the kids alike. While there are new lessons to learn and so much new to explore for the kids, parents should not forget one important aspect of our life which is our health.


Well, here are 5 handy tips to help you manage a smooth and healthy transition from the excitement of the summer holidays to the daily routine of school days.


1. Eating your way to Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
The healthier your child eats the fitter they get. Breakfast is that time of the day when you can ensure that your child gets a dose of essential nutrients. Ideally a good breakfast should contain fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, whole grains or lean proteins. Highly processed foods such as cakes, biscuits, soft-drinks, savory snacks, etc. do not have any particular nutritional benefits for children due to the added salt and sugar they contain. Ensure that school-lunches are filled with fresh-produce rather than ready-to-eat food to keep your children energized throughout the day.


2. Choose the Right Backpack/ Bag
Selecting the right kind of backpack is important. Correct placement of books should be such that, heavier books are sandwiched in the middle for even weight distribution. Carrying your backpack on both your shoulders reduces the early onset of chronic back-pain and strained neck/shoulder muscles.


3. Early to Bed, Early to Rise
Establishing a sleep routine for your child can go a long way in ensuring that they get the right amount of sleep. Limit the use of electronic devices or television before bedtime for a sound sleep. 8-10 hours of sleep can ensure that your child is ready to soak in new information the next morning at school. This will leave enough time for playing, studying, relaxing or undertaking an extra-curricular activity.


4. The Back-to-School Hygiene Regimen
Lice infestation is another unwelcome challenge that a child brings home, once school reopens. Ensure that your child does not share hats, combs, hand-towels, hair accessories, coats, etc. Ringworm infection too can spread if your child shares items such as hand-towels. Consult your healthcare practioner in case your child comes home with nits, lice or ringworm infection. Foot health is another aspect that is often overlooked in the usual back-to-school routine. Shopping for shoes which ensure comfort throughout the day as later in the day feet tend to swell. Trying them out while wearing socks will result in happy feet for your little ones.


5. Schedule Your Child’s Annual Check-up
Annual Check-ups for a child are very critical especially if there are some vaccinations that have to be taken. Checking your child’s eyes before they begin another session of school is imperative for academic success even if they are already wearing prescription glasses. Schedule a visit at your optician at the earliest.


To know more about how to prepare your child before the school re-opens, reach out to
Dr. Prasanth Kinattupurayil, Aster Jubilee Medical Centre, Bur Dubai